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Somehow... [12 Nov 2002|09:58am]
[ mood | happier ]

The O'Brien Brothers make me smile when I'm feeling down.

I checked my email a few minutes ago, and Donal had sent an update to their mailing list, letting everyone know how things are going for them in Ireland. A good way to start my day.

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This one line [11 Nov 2002|10:42pm]
Says so much...

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

I just need to remember that this is the ending that is giving me my new beginning.

It makes sense to me damnit!

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[09 Nov 2002|05:18pm]
[ mood | Ouch! ]

I managed to slice my finger open with a piece of foil, as I was doing a quick clean on the fridge before I take the trash out, and go to the home of Kitmouse and her husband.

I called my stylist, and have an appointment for a cut and color in 2 weeks. It was just supposed to be a trim, but I am thinking of a new style.

Why do women always want to change their hair after a break-up?

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[06 Nov 2002|11:41pm]
[ mood | miserable ]

Fuck it. I have a page of my paper written. That will have to be good enough for now. I'm too stressed about stuff to think right now.

I'm going to go to bed, and have a good cry, and maybe things will look better in the morning.

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[24 Oct 2002|03:25pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

I just called a few minutes ago to set up a doctors appt for tomorrow afternoon. I'm finally going to get the icky spot on my stomach looked at (a rash caused by my belt buckle), get some meds for my asthma (I've been wheezing for a week) and try to find out if it's the bc that I was on that is causing my current problems.

Tonight I have an exam at school, that I am really not looking forward to, as I haven't studied as much as I should, and I missed class last week due to a curl up and cry migraine. Hopefully I did well on the last exam, and know enough to pass this one (we are tested every other week).

Hopefully Damon will be at my place tonight when I get home tonight. Our lives have been so hectic lately, that we haven't had much time together (not that tonight will be different, I'm going to want to sleep, and he will have to go to work, but it will be more than we have had in the last few days, if he can make it).

Break is over, back to work. I leave in an hour for class. Joy.

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[23 Oct 2002|06:16am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Damon comes up for orders on November 1st. Compared to last week, there are quite a few orders for San Diego. More importantly, there are orders for Oklahoma. He is going to call today to try to get those... If he can't have Oklahoma, he is going to try for any carrier in San Diego.

If you know either of us, please keep your fingers crossed that he gets either of those orders. Going to OK means that he gets to go home, and be close to his kids again. I'll miss him if he goes, but we are talking about me going with him if he does, if not right away, then following soon after.

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[11 Oct 2002|03:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

With any luck, when I get home from work tonight, I'll have a desk, if not in my bedroom, then at least somewhere in the apartment. For the first time in 15 months, I'll have an honest to goodness desk to put my computer on! Hooray!

I know I haven't updated much lately, but I've been busy. I've moved (if you want the new contact information, either reply here, or email me). The only thing that hasn't changed is my cell phone number. I also started taking some (well one) college course at Mesa. Combine those with working, and trying to find time to study AND spend time with my boyfriend when he is awake, and I've been going nuts.

Things on the job front aren't going as well as I'd like them to be, but I still have a job, so thats good. I'm looking for something in a different field (namely, one that interests me AND pays the bills).

I was in another car accident at the end of August... This time I was sandwiched. The damage isn't too bad, but it's still annoying, as I only had one appt to go from the April accident until I was to be released, and now I have to take time off work to get the car fixed (since the shop is only open 9-5 M-F). C'est la vie.

I'm also working on my term paper for my class. Diversity in the Workplace : A Current Perspective. I'm going to give an overview of diversity in the past and present, and then probably focus more on LGBT and/or women in the workplace. Should be interesting stuff. So far I seem to be doing fairly well in class. I'm pulling a low to mid B. I'll have a high B if I ever turn in the assessment checks that I haven't finished.

Things are going well with Damon. We aren't spending as much time together as we used to, and it seems to be making things better for us both. We aren't as snippish with each other as we were at one point, and when we ARE together, we actually talk instead of fighting about stupid stuff.

The last few weekends have been fairly hectic... Last weekend, I spent quite a bit of time in Escondido... But I've been enjoying it.

Maybe I can actually get online at home again in a few days... It'll be on dialup though, until I can determine if I can afford cable internet. Since I'm the only one with a computer, I'd be the only one using it, so I'd be the one with the bill. I'll see if I can swing it though. *crosses fingers*

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[13 Sep 2002|10:17am]
[ mood | amused ]

The first night of class, somehow, we ended up discussing midget wrestling, and dwarf tossing.

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[12 Sep 2002|06:37am]

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[05 Sep 2002|11:17pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well, I did it... Tonight, I started college again. Maybe this time I'll actually finish a degree? I hope so.

One of the women I work with is actually in my class... We talked briefly about studying together over lunch... Time well tell as to wether or not this will actually happen.

I came home, and helped Damon fix dinner before he took off for work. I wish he didn't have to work the graveyard shift, but it happens...

He called me while he was on his way into work tonight... He had just realised that it had been 2 months that we have been dating, and wanted to tell me "Happy two months!". I'm still grinning...

And now I'm going to get to bed. I'm tired, and have a busy day ahead of me. I have the day off work so I can do moving stuff. Christiann, call me! I'll have my cellphone on. I didn't answer when you called because I was in class, and when I called you back, I was told that you weren't there. I can still pick you up tomorrow, but I have no idea what time, or where I am supposed to go.

I also need to go to the bank, get paint, pay bills, and sleep, since we have mandatory overtime on Saturday.

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[23 Aug 2002|09:39am]
[ mood | blank ]

Right now, I'm stressing, and I shouldn't be...

I had a Dr's appt yesterday after work, so I printed out one of each of the reports I have to make this week, to make copies this morning when I got in (I've been staying late because of the reports). I get in this morning (on time) and am logging into the system. The Dept. Mgr comes by, asks who is doing mail today. I say it's my day. She puts the mail in the opening area for me to open. I am trying to finish logging in, and she comes past, says that she needs it opened because the analysts are out of work, and then says that she will do it. I go to help her with it, and one of the analysts comes to me and says she needs her copy of the reports, so she can finish her log. D.M. tells me to go do that, so I do. I pass out the reports to everyone that is supposed to get them, and then have to cover phones briefly so that D can go ask one of the supervisors about something. While doing phones, we get the call saying that California Overnight is in. I get off the phones, and go get the mail, opening it, answering questions from people about the reports and all that... And I still haven't had a chance to do my own by this time. I finished with my own log just a few minutes ago. I'm supposed to have the log updated by 8:30. Whoops. Not my fault though.

To add to the work stress, I have a very busy weekend planned. Tonight, Damon and I are going out. I only know where we are going, but not what is going on once we get there. Tomorrow morning is coffee and getting the house ready, that afternoon we are having people over for a surprise party for Damons roommate. I'm not sure what exactly is going on Saturday night, but I'm sure there is something. Sunday we have to go to the beach, and be there by 10, because of the beach party... And sometime between now and tomorrow at 1, we need to get the roommates birthday gift, and get me a new swimsuit because the one that I have is literally falling apart now, I've had it for so long.

I also need to talk to my friend B, to find out when I can start moving stuff in, and talk to the landlord to see about painting the room before I move in.

Damon is stressing about stuff, and I'm not sure what I can do to help with that... I'm just worried about him, and some of the things he is dealing with... I wish he would talk to me more about it, but I can't really push him...

And to top it all off, I've got PMS, and have been cranky with people the last day or two.

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[12 Aug 2002|03:27pm]
[ mood | impatient ]

I've got some stuff to take care of tonight after work... Not really looking forward to it, but it has to be done.


My best friend from back home (Lisa) called me yesterday around 9am, excited as hell... Seems that she is going to be a Mommy again! She had been waiting for about 2 hours to call me, so she could let me know. She and her husband had only decided a month ago that they wanted another child. Their 19month old has been wandering around the house patting her belly saying "Baby... baby...". I can't wait to go home at Christmas and see them all!


Had a good weekend... Met some new people, went to the beach, went to a farewell party, and just had a really good weekend.


I wish it were 5pm, so I could go get this stuff taken care of now. I want it done and over with.

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And I'm registered! [09 Aug 2002|10:16am]
[ mood | happy ]

I just called to register for my classes... Didn't take long (Thank God!)

Business 100 Introdcution to Business
Thursday 6:00 PM - 8:50 PM at Mesa
Classes Start on 09/03/02 and end on 12/21/02

Now I just need to find my tax papers, so that I get the reduced rates. I think it'll be easier to call H&R Block, and have them make copies for me.

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[26 Jul 2002|01:50pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I'm ready for the weekend to start. It's going to be an interesting one.

Tonight I am going to run some errands with Damon, and figure what exactly I need to do for Pride this weekend, since he isn't going to be here. Tomorrow morning, I am taking him to the airport, because he is flying home for his Grandfathers funeral. After that, I'm headed for the Pride Festival, so I can help out where needed in the tent, and hopefully meet some more people in the local scene. Sunday will probably be more of the same, but I plan on seeing/listening to some of the performers (Danielle & the Masses are going to be there!).

It's so odd looking in his closet in the morning, and seeing some of my clothes hanging with his... (and no, I haven't moved out of my apartment - Damon just got tired of my clothes being folded/piled on his floor) But it does make me smile.

Hopefully there will be some others that I know attending this weekend.

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[22 Jul 2002|01:29pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I'm already peeling. Ewww.

This'll teach me to remember sunscreen. Funny thing is, I asked Damon to grab it on his way out to the patio, and he did. I just never bothered to put it on.

(Look at me!)

[22 Jul 2002|10:05am]
[ mood | sore ]

Spent the weekend with Damon... Nice and relaxing... Did some painting on the Bash 'n' Dash banner for the pride parade this weekend. Managed to totally fry my back in the process. At first, I didn't think it was going to blister... Now I can see that it will. Wearing clothes this week is not going to be fun. Bras are evil. I may talk to R & D, and see if they are cool with me staying there all week, so I can have people to put aloe on my back for me. I'll bring it up tonight, when I go over for girl's night with T & D.

R has asked me to help him in planning a surprise party for D, which is going to be difficult, because as he puts it "she is very inquisitive. Which is just a polite way of saying that she is nosy." Should be interesting. I'm thinking that we tell her we are planning a party, but that it is going to be for my birthday, but really have it for hers (Her birthday is 2 days before mine). He doesn't think that would work, because people that we would invite to mine, wouldn't come to hers, and vice versa.

Lunch is being brought in today, by the sales dept, because our numbers were so good last week.

YAY! It looks like we only have 4 buckets of mail today! *celebrates* Thats a super light day... We might actually zero out today!

My back hurts. *whine* Going to the chiropractor tonight is NOT going to be fun. Not in the least little bit.

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Conversation with Damon... [20 Jul 2002|10:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

First, a bit of background. His birthday is September 27th. I'm already trying to figure out what we are going to do for his birthday.

Me : What do you want to do for your birthday?
Damon : I don't know...
Me : It's on a Friday.
Damon : In September, right?

I swear, he hasn't been drinking! I've been with him for the last several hours... Unless they spiked his coke with something at dinner, but I really doubt that they did that...

(Look at me!)

[17 Jul 2002|10:14am]
[ mood | tired ]

Came home from work early yesterday. Food poisoning is evil. I had some things that I HAD to do last night, so Damon came over, and went with me.

We went and picked up my dress for the cocktail party tonight, and filled up my car on base. While we were there, we grabbed a few things for him as well. He's going to look damned good tonight. Talked to his/our friend T while he was paying for his stuff. Good conversation with her. Heh. *grin*

We went and picked up some dinner, and went back to my place, where we cuddled until he had to leave for work. He left, I locked up behind him, and went to bed. Then my cellphone rings. His car won't start. Thinking it's the battery, I get my car, and go to give him a jump. Still not working. Turns out it's the starter. Somehow manage to get his car started, he leaves for work, I take his parking spot, and go back to bed.

Tonight is the cocktail party. I'm looking forward to it... Damon is going to look damned good. So am I. *grin* He was going to wear his dress uniform, but decided against it.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Friday night will probably consist of going to teh Padres game, or hanging out with D & T while Damon & R go to the game. Saturday morning is Bash n' Dash, and my massage... Then the entire weekend is open. Unless William calls me, and needs me to re-film anything from last weekend.

Break is over, back to work. Blah.

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[13 Jul 2002|02:21pm]
Damon stayed over last night, and then we went to Bash n' Dash this morning. I should be packing right now, because I am going to his place this afternoon for a cookout, and from there I will be going to Sabbat. Need to pack what I am wearing tonight, and my shower stuff, so I can get cleaned up before we go.

Then after Sabbat, it is back here to sleep, so I can get up tomorrow morning, and prep for shooting! *grin* Yep... Tomorrow is the day that I shoot my scenes for Turnbuckle.

Coffee this morning was good... I'm starting to make some more friends/acquaintances in the scene, which makes me happy...

I should pack now. Otherwise I'll never make it to Damon's, and won't get to spend time with D & R. I like them. *grin*

(Look at me!)

[12 Jul 2002|10:12am]
[ mood | happy ]

Three words spoken too soon (not by me for once). Working that out... I think we have it mostly worked out already, which is good.. I just need to relax. Now I know how some of my ex-boyfriends felt when I said it too soon in the relationship.

Talked to C last night for about 3 hours after work. We went to "our usual". There were some awkward pauses, but over all things went well. We agreed that we need to avoid each other for a bit... At least if we want to salvage our friendship at all (and if I want a French tutor this fall, if I have problems). I think he was expecting me to break down and give in like I usually do when we have one of our little talks about how it isn't working, we need to be just friends... And I didn't. We hugged for a bit, and he tried to take it further, and I said no. Did he kiss me? Yes. Did it have any effect on me? No, not really... Am I upset that things worked out the way they did for us? Not really... I was looking for attention, and he gave it to me. Which made me happy for a while, but it certainly wouldn't have worked in the long run.

Looking forward to the weekend... Going to a few places tonight with Damon, and watching movies, tomorrow is Bash n' Dash, my massage, then a cookout with Damon and his roommates, and tomorrow night Sabbat. Sunday I'm filming Turnbuckle. My weekend looks like it may be busier than my week has been! I still need to do a few loads of laundry, too... Maybe I can get Damon to let me use his washer and dryer. Heh. *grin*

Okay, time to get back to work...

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